The charred layer of Burned Wood Douglas is created by deep burning in our oven. The charred layer is UV-resistant, maintenance-free, varies on each plank, and is beautifully deep black with a silver sheen in the sun. The charred layer of Burned Wood Douglas is brittle, and over the years, it will age, developing a beautiful patina. For applications in places where touch occurs or in exposed outdoor conditions, specific detailing and/or finishing are recommended. A fixative finish ensures that the charred layer becomes harder and no longer gives off.


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Douglas, Local Dutch Wood

The Douglas wood we use for Burned Wood is sourced from the Dutch State Forestry and comes from 100% FSC-managed forests. Douglas has a beautiful wood structure with a distinct grain pattern and knots in the wood.

We can also supply Burned Wood Douglas with fire class B, which is unique! In our factory, Burned Wood Douglas is treated with a fully ecological fire-resistant product, following a certified process. The result is burned Douglas cladding with fire class B-s1, d0 according to EN13501-1, certified according to EN14195.

Specifications and Options

  • Application: Interior and exterior
  • Length: 2.5 - 5 meters (other sizes on request)
  • Width: 70 - 180 mm (other sizes on request)
  • Thickness: 21 - 45mm (other sizes on request)
  • Wood Type: Douglas Fir, from the Dutch State forestry, FSC®.
  • Origin: Netherlands
  • Specific Gravity: 550 kg/m3
  • Fire Class: B-s1, d0 according to EN13501-1, and certified according to EN14195. (after optional treatment)
  • Maintenance: None
  • Optional Treatment: Fixation or Fire Class B
  • Installation: Stainless steel screws with a black head
  • Questions about Burned Wood Douglas or requesting a quote?

    Burned Wood Douglas

    Burned Wood is exclusive custom charred wood.

    We perform the burning process ourselves in our factory in Enschede(NL). We do this with great attention to quality to achieve the right level of sustainability. We only use wood from sustainably managed forests.