mod. Ash

Burned Wood mod. Ash has a beautiful, very sturdy charcoal layer. The attractive grain pattern of the ash wood is clearly visible in the flat charcoal structure. The durability, appearance, and strength of the charcoal layer make this a very good Burned Wood variant. Additionally, Burned Wood mod. Ash requires no maintenance. Through the Burned Wood preservation process, using controlled surface burning, the characteristic charcoal layer is formed, which is UV-resistant and protects the wood against the elements.


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Modified Ash from Europe

Ash is a fast-growing deciduous tree. The ash is a native species, and we only process ash wood from FSC-managed forests in Europe. Burned Wood mod. Ash is made from thermally modified ash. The thermal treatment gives the ash wood high durability. The planks exhibit a beautiful grain pattern.

Specifications and Options

  • Application: Interior and exterior
  • Length: on request
  • Width: 43 - 190 mm (other sizes on request)
  • Thickness: on request
  • Wood Type: Ash, FSC®.
  • Origin: Europe
  • Specific Weight: 900 kg/m3
  • Maintenance: None.
  • Optional Treatment: Fixation
  • Installation: Invisible with X-Clip or with stainless steel screws with a black head
  • Questions about Burned Wood mod. Ash or requesting a quote?

    Burned Wood mod. Ash

    Burned Wood is exclusive custom charred wood.

    We perform the burning process ourselves in our factory in Enschede(NL). We do this with great attention to quality to achieve the right level of sustainability. We only use wood from sustainably managed forests.