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Ancient Japanese technique for making wood more sustainable.

Brothers Koen and Thijs lay the foundation for Burned Wood in 2014

We first came across burned wood when we were searching for materials for Koen's new-build home. Together with the architect, we designed a unique home, and chose wood for the material, but not just ordinary wood... The desire was for something exciting and unique, and we liked the burned wood instantly.

At that time, the product was still very unknown. We immersed ourselves in the product and took up the challenge to make it ourselves using a traditional Japanese technique called Shou Sugi Ban.

There was a lot of interest and demand for the unique burned wood. After some evenings sparring by the fireplace - after all, we love fire - we were sure that we wanted more people to enjoy this sustainable burned wood and with that, our company, Burned Wood, was born.

The first step was to develop a reliable production process for burning wood. Our mechanical engineering background came in handy here and soon the first Douglas planks went through our own oven. At the same time we found a number of early adopters with enthusiasm for Burned Wood and we proudly delivered our first projects.

Over the years we have increasingly refined and developed the production process of controlled surface combustion, and have introduced several Burned Wood products.

In 2023, we will keep our focus on quality and the development of new Burned Wood products.

Let’s burn!

Koen and Thijs ter Denge

"The beautiful craquelure that forms after the wood is burnt is different in every plank and is truly unique."

Burned Wood

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• we will make a tailor-made offer, every project is unique